Poste Italiane Trust Service Provider


Poste Italiane is a Qualified Trust Service Provider according to Regulation (EU) N.910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS Regulation) authorized by AgID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale), the Italian supervisory body that grants qualified status to trust service providers.

Poste Italiane Certification Authority offers a full range of eServices to public administrations and small and medium companies, with strong competences in the field of information security and digital signature based on PKI technology.

Main areas of activities for the Poste Italiane Certification Authority are:
  • Digital certificates and security services
  • Secure electronic communication and multipurpose smart cards
  • Document management solutions and electronic invoicing
In agreement with theRegulation (EU) N 910/2014 which requires Member States to publish the list of key certificates of certification in a specific format, called TSL (Trust Service Status List), ETSI TS 102 231, information of Poste Italiane CA's are published at the url

Poste Italiane acts as a Certification Authority (CA) for issuing EU qualified certificates, in compliance with published procedures in the CPS related to the url and in the PDS related to the url Poste Italiane SpA is compliant with the standards UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO IEC 27001 (Information Security Management System), member of the Board of Assinform, the Italian ICT companies association, an affiliate of Confindustria, and an associated member of Mobey Forum (mobile technology in financial services).
In the field of Digital Certification services, Poste Italiane Group can count on some basic assets for the sale and supply of services. In particular:
  • Institutional role of Poste Italiane as a public service dedicated to identification and certification and strong network spread over the country and present in every local community for face to face identification and smart card delivery.
  • Strong specific skills acquired in a sector that is highly complex in terms of technology, regulations and organisation.
  • Customer Call Center for information and help desk.
  • Consolidated relationships with institutional and Public Administration customers employees.

Postecert provides digital signature services compliant with italian and european law and other certification services such as Digital Time Stamp and electronic registered e-mail “Posta Certificata.

Digital Time Stamp can be assigned to any digital information evidence to demonstrate its existence in the moment of the time stamp assignment (date and hour). Date and hour have a legal value and serve the purpose of proving the existence of a document at the moment of the time stamp generation.

Postemail Certificata allows to send a digital document by electronic mail with a high level of security and assigns legal value to the process of delivering email messages according to the regulations concerning certified email (DPR 11/2/2005, n. 68 e DM 2/11/2005).